A chronological list of all post below:

  • Tracey Thorn
    One of my absolute favourite voices to ever emerge from the Brittish isles.
  • Jaco!
    The legendary musician Jaco Pastorius, here with a Fender Jazz Bass.
  • The Blues Walked In
    Image inspired by the track “Today I Sing the Blues”, performed by Aretha Franklin and quite a few others since. What a brilliant opening line…
  • Springtime
    I’m happy to report: the 4th was indeed with me!
  • One Page CV
    Tired of updating my CV, so here you go.
  • Aretha!
    The Aretha Franklin catalog is extensive, covering plenty of musical styles. The track “Move with Spirit” from 1970 leans towards gospel and the energy is divine.
  • Björk
    I still listen to her earlier albums, that voice really gets me. Such a force of nature…
  • Odds and ends
    Another gallery, this time with various random stuff, quotes I find relevant, re-creation of classics, pop-culture references etc. Enjoy!
  • Album Covers
    The one thing I miss the most are the beautiful 12″ covers – the artwork, the liner notes, the printed lyrics. Here are my re-creation of various album covers (Gallery).
  • Strength
    Life is a win-win game. I’m OK, you’re OK and we all need help from time to time.
  • Legendary
    Among my first heroes, Deep Purple Mk2.
  • Heart and Soul
    An astute observation and life lesson.
  • think about it…
    This quote by Jane Hirshfield has really stuck something deep in me. I feel it in my bones.
  • Half-length Portrait of a Man in a Striped Jersey
    Picasso painting from 1939, on display at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy. Recreated in Affinity Designer.
  • Boy’s Night Out
    Two old friends, just catching up at the bar on a Friday night. The Wurlitzer and R2D2 drawn in Affinity Designer for iPad, and obviously a stock photo backdrop from some club.
  • I Feel 4 u
    Hey, it’s Friday – enjoy! Reading the credits on this track is a joy. Of course, performed by Chaka Khan. Written by Prince, produced by Arif Mardin, with Melle Mel rapping and Stevie Wonder on the harmonica.
  • Belgian Bike Boy
    Here’s a vector drawing I made of Wout while watching the 2022 Tour de France. He put on a great show. Drawn with Affinity Designer on iPad.
  • Superb Owl
    It’s that time of year again so congratulations to all who celebrate. May the Owl grace you with its presence.
  • Love is Love
    A reaction to all the violence directed against queer people everywhere – it really shouldn’t be this hard for consenting adults to love whomever they find a match with.
    I am in the process of re-building this site after a decade or so on various social media sites. Aiming to escape Big Social companies and self-host my “content”.