About Me

Tormod Halvorsen

Hi, I’m Tormod.

This is a personal page to keep what I post online in a place I control – unlike Big Social…

I met my lovely wife back in 1984, we’ve got two grown kids and our first grand-daughter. Living just north-east of Stockholm, Sweden and enjoying the fresh air from the Baltic sea.

I’ve been online since 1987, starting with a Taiwanese PC clone running an 8088 compatible chip connected to a US Robotics 2400 baud modem. That 20MB hard drive seemed infinite for a short while. My days are spent as a consultant in enterprise IT organizations, mainly focusing on the teamwork and people side of delivery. Especially, coaching and enabling teams to work well together across departments and vendors.

Hobbies include #photography, #graphicdesign, #typography and #music.

I’m on Mastodon, username @airwhale@mastodon.social
and you can reach me via email, tormod@airwhale.com

Happy to talk to anyone, and I will assume you’re awesome until proven otherwise.

…and oh – people are sometimes wondering “why airwhale – what is that even?

Disclaimer: While all images posted here are created by me, many are strongly referencing photographs and pop culture characters. I try my best to add credit to the original artists, photographers etc. and will add links where I can. As this is a non-commercial hobby project, my position is that these derivatives are well within the “fair use” doctrine of most copyright laws.