Tracey Thorn

Vector portrait of Tracey Thorn, Brittish vocalist.
ms. Thorn

One of my absolute favourite voices to ever emerge from the Brittish isles: Tracey Thorn. What she might lack in range, she more than makes up for with her phrasing, timing and emotion. She brings to life wonderful stories, told with eerie precision. They are mostly melanchoy ones, and certainly relatable. She’s also a wonderful writer with several books published, but I mostly adore her poetic lyrics. While she does have several solo records out, she is probably best known for being 50% of the duo “Everything but the Girl”. That started back in 1981 together with Ben Watt, now her husband of many years. They just released a new album too, the first in over 20 years.

Their whole catalog is definitely worth listening to, as are Tracey’s solo albums.

Created with Affinity Designer, based on a photo by Edward Bishop used for her “Record” album.