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Welcome! So, the airwhale flies again, re-launched after some 10+ years of neglect. Still getting things up here, fiddling with the site, but kinda into maintenance mode now. I’ve tired of posting stuff on social media sites that all just seem to turn into ghost towns after a few good years. I’ll be posting all new work here, and what’s relevant I might share on Mastodon.

Be sure to check out the galleries if you are so inclined. Thanks for dropping by!

most recent posts

  • Aretha!


    The Aretha Franklin catalog is extensive, covering plenty of musical styles. This track leans towards gospel and the energy is divine.

  • Björk


    I still listen to her earlier albums, that voice really gets me. Such a force of nature…

  • Odds and ends

    Odds and ends

    Another gallery, this time with various random stuff, quotes I find relevant, re-creation of classics, pop-culture references etc. Enjoy!

  • Music Heroes

    Music Heroes

    Various artwork inspired by my musical heroes (Gallery)

  • Album Covers

    Album Covers

    The one thing I miss the most are the beautiful 12″ covers – the artwork, the liner notes, the printed lyrics. Here are my re-creation of various album covers (Gallery).

  • Strength


    Life is a win-win game. I’m OK, you’re OK and we all need help from time to time.

  • Legendary


    Among my first heroes, Deep Purple Mk2.

  • Heart and Soul

    Heart and Soul

    An astute observation and life lesson.

  • think about it…

    think about it…

    This quote by Jane Hirshfield has really stuck something deep in me. I feel it in my bones.

  • Half-length Portrait of a Man in a Striped Jersey

    Half-length Portrait of a Man in a Striped Jersey

    Picasso painting from 1939, on display at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy. Recreated in Affinity Designer.

  • Boy’s Night Out

    Boy’s Night Out

    Two old friends, just catching up at the bar on a Friday night. The Wurlitzer and R2D2 drawn in Affinity Designer for iPad, and obviously a stock photo backdrop from some club.

  • I Feel 4 u

    I Feel 4 u

    Hey, it’s Friday – enjoy! Reading the credits on this track is a joy. Of course, performed by Chaka Khan. Written by Prince, produced by Arif Mardin, with Melle Mel rapping and Stevie Wonder on the harmonica.

  • Bike boy

    Bike boy

    Here’s a vector drawing I made of Wout while watching the 2022 Tour de France. He put on a great show. Drawn with Affinity Designer on iPad.

  • Superb Owl

    Superb Owl

    It’s that time of year again so congratulations to all who celebrate. May the Owl grace you with its presence.

  • Love is Love

    Love is Love

    A reaction to all the violence directed against queer people everywhere – it really shouldn’t be this hard for consenting adults to love whomever they find a match with.