This is a page to hold my personal work, vector art, photoshopped images, things I find amusing and general weird stuff. Looking at my own galleries, I admit to be a bit of a fan-boy and I get easily impressed and inspired by music and pop culture. Hope you find some of it pleasing!

  • 21/9 1984

    21/9 1984

    The 21st Night of September!

  • Palm Springs Life

    Palm Springs Life

    I’ve been a fan of Patrick Nagel’s wonderful line, looking so effortlessly minimal and simple, yet surprisingly precise.

  • True Blue

    True Blue

    “If I ran way, I’d never have the strength to go very far” – a magical moment in Live to Tell.

  • Heathcliff, it’s me, I’m Cathy

    Heathcliff, it’s me, I’m Cathy

    “The Kick Inside” album from 1978 by Kate Bush – vector drawing.

  • Put your Foot on the Rock

    Put your Foot on the Rock

    Another fantastic vocalist from The Netherlands, ms. Sabrina Starke.

  • Spectre Rebrand

    Spectre Rebrand

    Rebranding pitch for Spectre

  • We Paved Paradise

    We Paved Paradise

    Project closure announcement: We have successfully paved Paradise!

  • Tracey Thorn

    Tracey Thorn

    One of my absolute favourite voices to ever emerge from the Brittish isles.

  • Jaco!


    The legendary musician Jaco Pastorius, here with a Fender Jazz Bass.

  • The Blues Walked In

    The Blues Walked In

    Image inspired by the track “Today I Sing the Blues”, performed by Aretha Franklin and quite a few others since. What a brilliant opening line…

  • Springtime


    I’m happy to report: the 4th was indeed with me!

  • One Page CV

    One Page CV

    Tired of updating my CV, so here you go.