Having been through a decade plus of joining social media sites that all has tuned into horrible experiences, I finally got off Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to focus on Mastodon and the Fediverse. This really seems so much more like the open and friendly Web 1.0 days, and I’m a bit excited to start over.

This also means that I will be republishing a lot of my previous stuff on here, and that might take some time to complete. Considered digging up the old “Under Construction” GIF, but decided that was a bridge too far.

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Anya Major

Currently, I’m just getting the bones of the site back in place, before adding in my stuff to be hosted on my site. Not being worried it will one day just stop working, or work in a way worse way than the promise when signing up.

Got some refresher training to do, this version of WordPress is quite far away from what I stopped managing 10 years back, but I’ll get there.