Shakesperian Insult Generator


Here’s a little idle fun, especially if you’re into William Shakespeare. When you really need that extra-snarky remark of disdain, look no further. In the voice of – for instance – Kenneth Branagh:

Sigh no more ladies, sigh no moreAnnoyed character in a William Shakespeare play

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The phrases that make up the insults have been floating around the Internet for years, and I have been unable to find a definitive source for the collection. I found them entertaining, and basically automated their generation and polished the presentation a bit.


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[message_box type=”info” icon=”yes” close=”Hide”]The original for these phrases was just a table with 3 columns and 50-something rows, and you would pick randomly from each column, prepending it with “Thou” to get ye olde insult. Later, I also found a collection of phrases that could be prepended to this to spice it up further.

I thought to myself: “Javascript can automate that for me!” – and so I wrote this little script.[/message_box]