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  • Aretha!


    The Aretha Franklin catalog is extensive, covering plenty of musical styles. This track leans towards gospel and the energy is divine.

  • Björk


    I still listen to her earlier albums, that voice really gets me. Such a force of nature…

  • Odds and ends

    Odds and ends

    Another gallery, this time with various random stuff, quotes I find relevant, re-creation of classics, pop-culture references etc. Enjoy!

  • Legendary


    Among my first heroes, Deep Purple Mk2.

  • Half-length Portrait of a Man in a Striped Jersey

    Half-length Portrait of a Man in a Striped Jersey

    Picasso painting from 1939, on display at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy. Recreated in Affinity Designer.

  • Boy’s Night Out

    Boy’s Night Out

    Two old friends, just catching up at the bar on a Friday night. The Wurlitzer and R2D2 drawn in Affinity Designer for iPad, and obviously a stock photo backdrop from some club.