Back to basics

This is a personal blog. Quite infrequently updated. So, I’m hoping to change that a little. For one, start writing blog posts and other content in English – at least going forward from here.

So – this will be about things I find interesting. Expect a bit of photography, graphic design, illustration – maybe even some typography related stuff. And music… old music mostly – or at least based in traditions like jazz, funk and blues. I like to listen to things produced between the 1950’ies and end of 1980’ies. Of course, lots of great stuff has been done since that as well. However, most of what I like has roots that go back very clearly. Masterful performers doing their thing, I like that 🙂

Jazz, rock and electronic beats – so much great music has been produced in my lifetime, I will never be able to consume and enjoy it all.

(Disclaimer: Image of the girl is a commercial Photoshop mock-up resource, her T-shirt print is my vector design.)